schedule and where to watch episode 4 of season 3

Classroom of the Elite” has begun its season 3 with a mini-arc of an excursion of just two episodes. It is not surprising that they have gone so fast, well This season is not going to be especially long. Once back at his school, We have seen Sakayanagi attack Ichinose, leaving Ayanokoji and Horikita as exceptional witnesses.

Today, I come to talk to you about When and where exactly can we see the next chapter of “Classroom of the Elite”. I’ll leave you all the details about it right now, and I recommend taking a look at them if you are fans of the strategies of these elite students.

Classroom of the Elite Yukimura Ishizaki

Classroom of the Elite Season 3 EP 4 release date and time

This is all the information about it:

  • Date: Wednesday January 24. 🗓
    • 16:00 in Spain. ✅
    • 9:00 am in Mexico. ✅
    • 10:00 am In colombia. ✅
    • 11:00 am In Venezuela. ✅
    • 12:00 pm in Chile. ✅
    • 12:00 pm in Argentina. ✅
  • Where: Through the “Classroom of the Elite” profile on Crunchyroll. 👀
Classroom of the Elite Koenji

And here comes the information about the premiere of the next episode of “Classroom of the Elite”. Now, I would like to ask you… What did you think of the start of the season? Do you see it on par with the best of anime? I invite you to leave me your impressions in the comments.

Before finishing, I leave you an article that my colleague Cristian has prepared. In it, he recommends us several anime similar to “Classroom of the Elite”. You just have to follow the link I leave you. Will you know them all?

Schedules of other animes

This winter season we have other very good series that release their episodes week by week. We are in the season when it is coldest, so staying home may be a better plan than ever, especially if there are great animes involved. These are the Premiere times of the new chapters of some of the most notable anime this winter.

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