‘Scott Pilgrim Takes the Leap’ triumphs at the Critics’ Choice Awards by beating Bluey and Harley Quinn

With the passage of time it has become clear Netflix’s great interest in betting on distribution and production of original anime. Currently we can enjoy dozens of Japanese animated series (many of them dubbed into Spanish) within the platform, and this includes exclusive works as acclaimed as Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, Pluto either Scott Pilgrim makes the jump.

Before getting down to work with Dandadanthe study Science SARU collaborated with Netflix in the development of a Scott Pilgrim anime. Bryan Lee O’Malley’s comic finally had the adaptation it deserved, and its success is already being transferred to the most famous awards galas in the world.

Scott Pilgrim wins at Critics’ Choice Awards

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  • Last morning the 29th edition of Critics’ Choice Awardsthe awards gala organized by the United States and Canada Film Critics Association🏆
  • The anime world had double representation in this ceremony: on the one hand there was The Boy and the Heron (which did not win Best Foreign Film), and on the other we had Scott Pilgrim takes the leap❌✅
  • The production of Science SARU won the award in the category of “Best Non-Televised Animated Series” (via deadline)⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • With this he managed to triumph over rivals as tough as Bluey, Harley Quinn, Star Trek: Lower Decks, Bob’s Burgers and Young Love👏🏻

After this success Netflix You have no reason not to continue betting on anime. In fact, it has just acquired the broadcast rights to the One Piece animated series. Each week an episode of the Egghead arc will be added (the most recent), although it will be a ‘delaycast’ (it will be 1 chapter behind Crunchyroll). What plans will the company have for 2024?

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