Season 2 of the anime confirms when it premieres with a new teaser trailer

The anime of “Oshi no Ko“He hit it at the time like few things in recent years, so it’s not surprising that it took between nothing and less to confirm that we would have a second season of the adaptation by Doga Kobo. Of course, since then silence has mostly reigned… until today. Because after many months without official news, the truth is that A new presentation of the franchise has already left a somewhat clearer idea about when the new season of the “Oshi no Ko” anime will premiere.

The Oshi no Ko anime begins to warm up for its anticipated return

Next I leave you with the information that has been shared. @TheMediaBingus just a few hours ago:

  • Basically, It is confirmed that the second season of the Oshi no Ko anime will premiere throughout 2024. Once again, I emphasize that this is something that has been confirmed through an official teaser trailer (which I will leave you below), so the statement is total. 😎
  • Taking into account that we are almost December 2023 and this is the first thing that has been said about the second season, personally I would bet that it would not be until the second half of 2024 that the Oshi no Ko anime would return with its new season of content. 🤔
Oshi no Ko Mem
We all want the intense and vibrant world of Oshi no Ko idols to return
  • In case there are any doubts, I remember that the first season of the Oshi no Ko anime was specifically commissioned to adapt until chapter 40 of the manga (volume 4). To date they have already been published 132 chapters in 13 different volumesso as you can see there is more than enough material to be able to create a second and even third season of the Oshi no Ko anime. 🤗
  • Further proof in favor that the second season of Oshi no Ko will NOT return until summer 2024 onwards is that Doga Kobo, the studio in charge of the adaptation, already has plans in spring: the Roshidere anime. With this in mind, it should be July at the earliest that they return to the idol world. 😗

New teaser trailer for the second season of the Oshi no Ko anime

And this is all they have left us today about the return of the “Oshi no Ko” anime. I understand that after a good handful of months it may know little, but with the success that was the first season Better to do things little by little and with good handwriting than not quickly and rushing to burn the phenomenon. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a few more glimpses of the anime’s second season in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

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