Season 2 of the anime is already in production

Almost 2 years have passed since the anime of “Call of the Night” debuted with brutal success, which logically suggested that it was inevitable that an anime season 2 would end up receiving the green light. Furthermore, in this period of time the publication of the manga ended, an important fact regarding the long-term stability of the project. Now, a leaker has left the news that many have been waiting for for a long time: the second season of “Call of the Night” is a reality.

Call of the Night will return with more anime after the success of its first season

This is what the well-known insider SugoiLite has said about the “Call of the Night” anime returns:

  • At the moment, SugoiLite makes only one announcement about Call of the Night: Season 2 of the anime is already in development. 😍
call of the night (1)
Call of the Night warms up to delight us again with its anime version
  • No, the insider does not announce any release date at the moment, but there is still no official announcement It seems that the return of the anime will not occur until 2025. 😲
  • The first season of the Call of the Night anime covered up to volume 5 of the manga, specifically chapter 46 of the work. On the other hand, Kotoyama’s work It ended with a total of 200 manga chapters collected over 20 volumes.. As can be seen, the adaptation is far from reaching its end. 😎
  • The Call of the Night anime debuted as a production of LIDENFILMS, a studio that already has 3 confirmed projects for 2024: Tonari no Youkai-san, Kami wa Game ni Ueteiru. and Bye Bye, Earth. The studio’s calendar would thus make sense for the second season of Call of the Night to be a production at the beginning of next year. 🤔

As always with this type of content, remember that “Call of the Night” season 2 has not been announced through official channels yet, but SugoiLite’s leaks are accurate enough to take it for granted. Furthermore, it is logical that a work as successful as this one and with so much material ahead to adapt was going to return to the anime scene sooner or later. Now all that remains is to be patient, but with the assurance that “Call of the Night” is already preparing for its return to the anime industry.

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