Season 3 of the anime announces its official premiere date

It has been 6 years since the last episodic season of the anime of “KonoSuba“, and 4 years since the most recent anime content of the same was released (always talking about what is related to the main story). Logically, with this data in hand it is understandable that we are VERY eager for Kazuma, Aqua and others return to action with all the nonsense that entails. Today, finally, we receive a highly anticipated premiere date for season 3 of the anime.

Everything you need to know about the premiere of the third season of KonoSuba

Before moving on to the details of the premiere, I leave you with the new trailer What they have shared about this season 3 of the “KonoSuba” anime:

And now yes, this is everything you need to know About the return of the “KonoSuba” anime:

  • First of all, I leave you with what is the most important information of the day: The third season of the KonoSuba anime premieres on April 10, 2024. 😎
  • Likewise, as previously announced, The studio in charge of this season will be Drive, and not JC Staff. Drive’s first internship with KonoSuba occurred recently with the Megumin spin-off anime, but this will be the first official time that major story content will be in the hands of the new anime studio. 😮
  • At the moment, The KonoSuba anime has adapted only 5 of the 17 volumes that were originally published in the light novel. That is to say, initially there should still be a good handful of anime seasons ahead for KonoSuba. In fact, considering that on average each season adapts 2 of the novels, It would not be an exaggeration to think that between 6 and 8 seasons of the KonoSuba anime could end up being produced, depending on how you want to manage the material. 😏

Obviously, the biggest challenge that the “KonoSuba” anime faces this time is that of convince through his new study. As I say, Drive already worked on the Megumin anime and things didn’t go badly, but when the ‘new’ designs of Kazuma and the other characters in the main group were shown, there was quite a bit of ‘nervousness’ among the fans. In this sense, That April 10 will be the first big test for the return of “KonoSuba”.

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