Season 7 of My Hero Academia can be seen on Crunchyroll

The anime of “My Hero Academia“is finally finalizing his return, and he will do so twice: with”My Hero Academia: Memories” and also with season 7 of the main story. But what is ‘Memories’ and when will each thing be released? Well, below I leave you with all the information that may interest you about this new debut of “My Hero Academia”, especially now that We already have confirmation of Crunchyroll as the platform in charge of broadcasting the anime (what a surprise).

The My Hero Academia anime will start warming up in April to take off in May

Below I leave you with the information on the premiere of the new anime of “My Hero Academia” according to the have shared from Crunchyroll itself:

  • To start we have My Hero Academia: Memoriesa miniseries that will work as a review of the best moments of the anime to date, but with a special addition: they will be included brand new scenes. 😮
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It’s almost time for Deku and company to return to action
  • My Hero Academia: Memories It will premiere on April 6, 2024 and will remain broadcast until the 27th, thus having a total of 4 episodes. Each of the episodes will be published at 2:30 AM Pacific time, which in Spain will be the equivalent of 11:30 AM. 😉
  • After My Hero Academia: Memories it will be when it starts season 7 of My Hero Academia itself, something that will occur during the month of May. 🤗
  • Thus, season 7 will debut during the May 4, 2024 and the idea is that the broadcast will occur at the same time as that of My Hero Academia: Memories. In the Crunchyroll publication it is specified that, as of today, the dubbing that will arrive for the anime will be in the Latin American Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, German and Italian languages. 😎

It was VERY obvious that Crunchyroll was going to be in charge of broadcasting season 7 of “My Hero Academia” as well as the recap miniseries ‘Memories’, but having the official confirmation now means that at least there are no doubts about it. to watching the anime. Also, I remember that If the leaks come true on this occasion, another season will await us in which there will be more than twenty episodeswhich will make the “My Hero Academia” anime stay really close to where the manga is currently.

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