Season 7 of the anime in 2024 and by MAPPA? What is true?

With “Hunter x Hunter“We are facing one of the most acclaimed shonen of all time; dazzling for its action and captivating for its polished narrative. However, we are also facing one of those eternal works whose conclusion seems impossible to reach due to the physical condition of Yoshihiro Togashi, its author. That’s why the possibility of more anime coming soon seems really nil… although that hasn’t stopped A series of unfounded rumors made their way through the Internet.

Where does the rumor come from about the return of the Hunter x Hunter anime for this same 2024?

To begin, I am going to tell you that it is absolutely It is impossible for the “Hunter x Hunter” anime to release a new season this year. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about season 7 or the numbering you want to give it, it is simply not possible.

That said, now I’ll tell you where these ‘little things’ come from:

  • Essentially, searching I have found two different results for the origin of this absurd rumor, the first of these being the website 🤨
  • You’ll notice that I haven’t even linked to the post and for good reason: This is a kind of fake website like so many on the internet to generate profits purely through traffic.. The publication about season 7 of the Hunter x Hunter anime, without going any further, simply has a zillion sections to make it a dense article, but at the same time all the content itself is a constant repetition of one another. 😶
  • Secondly, I have to go directly to TikTok and specifically what a search is that completes itself: Hunter x Hunter Season 7 2024. 😅
hunter x hunter season 7
The TikTok that has already swallowed more than one about the false return of Hunter x Hunter
  • It must be said that the majority of videos that appear collected here are actually talking about all the times in recent years that the Hunter x Hunter manga has resumed publication. So far without problems… but not all videos are like that. 🤔
  • In this TikTok you can see that it directly says that The Hunter x Hunter anime returns with its season 7 this very 2024 and at the hands of MAPPA. Obviously all this is a lie, and you just have to see that at the end of the hashtags you can read a ‘april fools‘, meaning it’s a joke. The problem with the joke is that it has been in circulation for 1 year and people continue to fall. 🙄

With all this I think it is already seen that The thing about season 7 of “Hunter x Hunter” in 2024 with production by MAPPA is, basically, a colossal joke. Having said that, I now want to seriously address the possibility of a new season being produced, because the first question to ask is the following: is it really possible?

Is it possible to create more Hunter x Hunter anime at this point?

You have to think that no matter how much a platform like Netflix divided the “Hunter x Hunter” anime into 6 seasons, not that the anime was originally produced that way. “Hunter x Hunter” as such is a production of 148 episodes Yes, it adapts multiple arches from Togashi-sensei’s manga, which is what Netflix later uses as a season division.

hunter x hunter gon (1)
The story of Hunter x Hunter is not very good today to resume it as an anime

Taking this into account, What does the “Hunter x Hunter” manga look like right now?

  • Since the Hunter x Hunter anime ended A total of 61 manga chapters have been published. To give us an idea, seeing what the original anime was like, this is equivalent to about 30-35 episodes from that time.
  • Why not give the green light to more Hunter x Hunter anime then? There are clearly 2 reasons:
    • First of all, that For now, only one arc has been completed since the anime ended. This has 9 manga chapters and the remaining 52 current ones are part of a gigantic arc that is still in the middle.. That is to say, it would be spoiling an anime by focusing on an arc that is not even completed.
    • Secondly, if a hypothetical season 7 were released, not only would the anime be left halfway but seeing the pace at which Togashi-sensei works, then yes, we would have to lose all hope for the future if the anime returned later.

Sadly the panorama of “Hunter x Hunter” is what it is: between a rock and a hard place and barely able to maneuver. So yes, if they tell you or read somewhere that the “Hunter x Hunter” anime is preparing its return with season 7, assume that they are staying with you.

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