Sergeant Keroro is back! New anime for the 20th anniversary of the franchise

In the middle of Aprils Fools’ the truth is that this is no joke: the Sergeant Keroro anime is back on track

Sergeant Keroro” is one of the comedy anime that was most popular in Spain at the time, and the frenetic adventures on Earth of this peculiar invasive race felt like a breath of fresh air that had not been seen for a long time. However, everything comes to an end, and after more than 350 episodes aired the anime of “Sergeant Keroro” put an end to its story… until today. Because in fact, On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the franchise, it turns out that there is a new “Sergeant Keroro” anime on the way.

Everything that is known for now about the new Sergeant Keroro anime

To begin, I am going to leave you below with the first official trailer for this new “Sergeant Keroro” anime project:

And then I’ll tell you a series of things that may interest you:

  • First of all, it is worth saying that, indeed, The only confirmation we have is that this new Sargento Keroro anime is for the 20th anniversary of the anime in question itself. 🤗
  • What will this story adapt? Well it’s quite a mystery, as has also been the publication of the manga in recent years. 🤔
  • Apparently, not only did the manga stop being licensed in many Western regions after distribution problems, but the plot itself began to advance very little by little. 🤔
  • In fact, The last episode of the Sergeant Keroro anime was actually an original story intended to close the anime itself. The reason? Surely the reality that the manga’s plot didn’t seem to be taking any concrete direction. 😅
  • Today Sergeant Keroro’s manga continues to be published and has a total of 33 volumes in circulation in Japan. However, nothing guarantees that the new anime for the 20th anniversary will be a sequel to what was seen. 🤨

Given what I have seen, I would personally bet that the new anime of “Sergeant Keroro” It will debut at the earliest in the fall of this year, but in the same way I think it would be more logical to set our sights on 2025 with the little that is known. In any case, I think that now we will go a few months without receiving news about a project that, things as they are, surely no one expected 13 years after the episodic anime concluded. So what I said: be patient, but at least with the confirmation that the “Sergeant Keroro” anime is back.

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