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Shingeki no Kyojin returns to the top of MyAnimeList

Every time a relevant anime is released, it is always necessary to turn to see the historical ranking of the platform. MyAnimeList. Let’s remember that this platform allows users to rate a series that has not ended, which causes many movements in the first days of the season. However, shingeki no kyojin (Attack on Titan) is a special case, considering that it just premiered its special episode in the middle of the season.

Although the votes of accounts created simply to give a perfect rating to a series or a lousy rating to another are eliminated through an algorithm of MyAnimeListIt takes a while before this happens. This means that with just one day to go before something big premieres, we can still see what the effects of this massive wave of upvotes were.

So we arrive with Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season – Kanketsu-hen, the “now last part” of the history of the Titans by Eren Yeager. This project is divided into two halves, with the first being released on March 3. Over 16,000 fans took to MyAnimeList and left a perfect rating for this new series, with which the rating rose to an average of 9.25 points, taking the first position in the historical ranking of the platform.

shingeki no kyojin

Of course, this is a temporary situation and it is possible that in a few days MyAnimeList make the purge of your votes so that Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood return to first position. It simply remains a curiosity for fans to witness the importance that a series like this currently has. shingeki no kyojineven if its premiere is simply a one-hour special.

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