Shinji Mikami leaves Tango Gameworks

Shinji Mikami leaves Tango Gameworks

Vice President of Bethesda Softworks Todd Vaughn announces that Shinji Mikami, founder of Tango Gameworks, will leave the study in the next months. The announcement was made through an e-mail from the Todd sent to the whole company. This has been verified by TrueAchievements.

The specific email is translated below:

I am writing today to announce that Tango Gameworks founder Shinji Mikami has decided to leave Tango Gameworks in the coming months. Mikami-san has been a creative lead and mentor to young developers at Tango during his 12 years of work on The Evil Within franchise, Ghostwire: Tokyo, and Hi-Fi RUSH.

The latter has been one of the most successful releases for Bethesda and Xbox in recent years. The game generated significant positive momentum for both the company and Tango Gameworks.

shinji mikami is a game designer with wide experience in his carrer. He began his wanderings in Capcom in 1989. His biggest hit was resident Evilinspired by the video game Sweet Home (1989) and the work of George Romero. After his success in this saga, he was a producer of its sequel. He also gave opportunity to young creators like Hideki Kamiya (devil may cry, okami) and Shu Takumi (Ace Attorney, Ghost Trick).

Already in the most recent past, he founded Tango Gameworks in March 2010. There he worked in the franchise The Evil Within, Ghostwire: Tokyo and his latest release, HIFI RUSH.

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