Shown cover of Barriers of the heart vol. one

Shown cover of Barriers of the heart vol. one

Manga Districtin its preview of news for the coming months, has revealed the design of the front page Y dust jacket definitive of first volume of heart barriers. This Boys Love manga by Mika (みか) will go on sale in bookstores on March 3rd at the price of €8.95. The editorial will accompany the first edition of this first volume of heart barriers with two postcards Gift.

Kimi ni wa Todokanai.the original title of this manga series by Mika, began its publication in 2018 in the magazine Gene Pixiv from the publisher Media Factory and for the moment the work remains open in Japan with 6 volumes compilations. The series will arrive in Spain in March in a paperback softcover edition with a dust jacket and a size of 13 x 18 cm.

Kakeru and Yamato are childhood friends, but different as night and day. Kakeru is sociable, but he flunks all the tests. Yamato however, is a handsome introvert who gets good grades. One day, after finishing classes, Yamato ends up exploding and declares to Kakeru.

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