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Choose between Gon and Killua Hunter x Hunter.

Choose between Gon and Killua Hunter x Hunter. Versus.

For true HxH fans, that question is just as difficult as choosing between your mother and father XD, but surely fans prefer one over the other. Today with this versus you have to finally choose which of the two you want more Gon or Killua, to see who will win in the end.

Hunter x Hunter Killua Zoldyck: age, weight, height and more


Gon Freecss.

Choose between Gon and Killua Hunter x Hunter

Gon is an athletic, sympathetic boy who left home in search of his father. Gon spent his whole life on an island for which there are many things that he does not know about the outside world, he is very sure of himself and always trains to be stronger to face the difficulties that are coming up.


Killua Zoldick.

Killua Zoldick.

Killua is totally different, that is due to the way in which he was raised, Killua belongs to a famous family of assassins, his personality is complex, sometimes he looks nice especially with Gon and with others he looks unfriendly, but that is very normal seeing his brother Illumi how he treats him. But still, Killua almost always wins the Popularity rankings in every country, people just love him.

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