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Vote for your best Haikyuu Character

What is your best favorite haikyuu character?

Haikyuu is the best Volleyball anime, it is not only about the sport itself, but about the emotions of the players after losing or winning, Hinata’s willpower, although it is small in size, is large in his willpower, That is what makes Haikyuu a great anime, and today we give you the opportunity to vote for your favorite Haikyuu character and put him in the first row, remember you only have one vote so choose well.

vote for your favorite Haikyuu character

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  • Votes

    • Tobio Kageyama
    • Shoyo Hinata
    • Toru Oikawa
    • Tetsurō Kuroo
    • Yu Nishinoya
    • Kōtarō Bokuto
    • Kei Tsukishima
    • Wakatoshi Ushijima
    • Daichi Sawamura
    • Ryūnosuke Tanaka

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