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We guess who would be the perfect anime girlfriend for you.

We guess who would be the perfect anime girlfriend for you.

Today in this personality test we will guess who would be your perfect anime girlfriend, choose what hair color you prefer your girlfriend to have and what personality she should have and we will try to guess who would be your right girlfriend.

The best animes of all time (2022)

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  • Question of

    Choose a hair color

    • Redhead
    • Navy blue
    • Black
    • Red
    • Pink
    • Silver Grey
  • Question of

    Describe the characteristics of your girlfriend

    • shy but beautiful
    • Shy but beautiful Bold and sexy
    • wild and murderous
    • protective and responsible
    • can kill anyone for you
    • has infinite love
  • Question of


    Popular anime Names
    • 20 Years old
    • 19 Years old
    • 16 Years old
    • 15 Years old
    • 27 Years old
  • Question of

    Choose your girlfriend’s profession

    • It’s Navigator
    • She is a waitress
    • He’s still a high school student
    • Police
    • She is a housewife
    • Has no profession
  • Question of

    What clothes does your girlfriend wear?

    • Short and sexy
    • He wears work clothes, but it suits him super well.
    • She wears work clothes but short and sexy
    • Japanese type school report
    • In pajamas and house clothes
    • He never likes to dress short

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