Who would be your best friend in Tokyo Revengers? Personality Quiz

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    How do you usually choose your friends

    • Starting from its appearance
    • Starting from your attitude
  • Question of

    ¿Tu amigo tiene tatuaje?

    • Yes
    • Absolutely not.
    • I don’t care if he has tattoos or not.
  • Question of

    Describe your best friend in real life.

    • Strong
    • Faithful
    • Coward
    • Handsome
    • Responsable
    • Selfish
    • Brave
  • Question of

    Choose a place where you prefer to spend your free time.

    • Eat in a restaurant
    • Watch anime
    • Drinks and a movie
    • Get into a fight
    • Stay at home
    • idon’t know
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    Now how do you describe yourself

    tokyo revengers best friend quiz
    • I am the strongest
    • I am the one that everyone turns to when they need something
    • The Leader
    • I am the one who takes advantage of my friends
    • I am the handsome one
    • I am the most faithful

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