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How much do you know about Code Geass? TestQuiz.

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    How Lelouch vi Britannia’s mother died.

    • of a disease
    • Committed suicide
    • Was shot to death
  • Question of

    What is your sister’s name

    • Kallen Stadtfeld
    • Nunnally
    • Euphemia
  • Question of

    What academy does Shirley Fenette study at?

    • Ashford Academy
    • Oxford Academy
    • Manchester Academy
  • Question of

    Who was directed by the Japanese Liberation Front hotel incident

    • Charles zi Britannia
    • Diethard Ried
    • Josui Kusakabe
  • Question of

    What is the nationality of Rakshata Chawla

    • brazilian
    • indian
    • Mexican

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