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How much do you know about Gintama? Test questionnaire.

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    Who founded Yorozuya?

    • Shimura Shinpachi
    • Okita Sougo
    • Gintoki Sakata
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    What is Shoka Sonjuku?

    • A city
    • A school
    • A market
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    What was Yoshida Shouyou?

    • Shoyou was a doctor
    • He was a teacher
    • He was a salesman in a store
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    What is the name of Kagura’s father?

    • Umibouzu
    • Kondou Isao
    • Yamazaki Sagaru
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    Who was the Gintama manga written by?

    • By Takehiko Inoue
    • By Sorachi Hideaki
    • Shigeru Mizuki
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    How did Kagura’s mother die?

    • His mother is still alive
    • Her older brother killed her
    • Died of an illness

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