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How much do you know about Elfen Lied? TestQuiz.

How much do you know about Elfen Lied? TestQuiz.

Lucy is a special race of humans known as “Diclonius”, born with a pair of short horns and invisible telekinetic hands that make her a victim of inhuman scientific experimentation by the government. However, once her circumstances present him with an opportunity to escape her, Lucy, corrupted by confinement and torture, unleashes a torrent of bloodshed as she escapes her captors.

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During her escape, she receives a crippling head injury that leaves her with a split personality: someone with the mentality of a harmless child possessing limited speech ability. In this unsettled state, she stumbles upon two college students, Kouta and her cousin Yuka, who unknowingly take an injured fugitive into her care, unaware of her murderous tendencies. This act of kindness will change their lives, as they are soon drawn into the dark world of government secrecy and conspiracy. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

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  • Question of

    What was Lucy’s other name?

    • Yuka
    • Kaede
    • Lilium
  • Question of

    What is the name of the boy who killed Lucy’s puppy?

    • Kurama
    • Tomoo
    • Shirakawa
  • Question of

    Where does the Elfen Lied story take place?

    • In Kamakura Japan
    • in tokyo japan
    • In Seoul Koria
  • Question of

    What is Yuka to Kouta?

    • She’s his girlfriend
    • Is her cousin
    • is his sister
  • Question of

    What was Kouta’s sister’s name?

    • Mayu
    • Mayu
    • Kanae

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