What kind of Nen would you have in Hunter x Hunter?

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    You are at an acquaintance’s house with a group of people. At some point a valuable property of the homeowner is unintentionally broken and no one sees it. When your friend notices the broken object, get everyone together to talk and see if someone takes responsibility. What would you do?

    • Admit to have broken up and you take responsibility for everything.
    • I shut up without saying anything
    • I don’t say anything in front of people, but then I tell my friend what happened alone.
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    Do you consider yourself an optimistic, pessimistic or realistic person?

    • optimistic
    • pessimistic
    • realistic
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    Which of these elements do you prefer?

    • Fuego
    • Agua
    • Viento
    • Relámpago
    • Hielo
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    What power would you like to have?

    hxh test quiz
    • Fly
    • Invisibility
    • Super power
    • Immortality
    • Super velocity
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    What do you usually do on the weekends?

    • Travel
    • Stay at home
    • Spend time with friends
    • Nothing in particular
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    Are you driven by reason or emotion?

    • Reason
    • Emotion
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    If you became a hunter in the world of Hunter x Hunter , what is the first thing you would do?

    • I’d train first
    • I try to learn Nen
    • I would try to go to greed island
    • Otra cosa
    • I’ll try to find gon and killua
    • Another thing
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    Would you do something to protect what you love?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Maybe
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    Are you easily irritated?

    • It depends on the reason
    • No
    • always
    • Sometimes
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    How do your friends see you?

    • The smart one
    • The responsible
    • Leader
    • The quiet one
    • The funny one

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