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How much do you know about Legend of the Galactic Heroes? TestQuiz.

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    What is the name of the dynasty that Reinhard overthrew and that was 500 years old?

    • Goldenbaum
    • Silverenbaum
    • copperenbaum
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    When did Yang Wen-li’s mother die?

    • Cuando él tenía 10 años
    • when he was 5 years old
    • when he was 2 years old
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    What is Reinhard’s older sister’s name?

    • Frederica
    • Hildegarda
    • Annerose
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    How many civilians was Yang Wenli able to evacuate from the alliance of planets “The Easy One”?

    • More than 3 million
    • Less than 1 million
    • 500.000
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    how his mother died

    • died in a car accident
    • Disease
    • His mother is still alive

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