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One Piece: Guess the character by the quotes. Quiz

One Piece: Guess the character by the quotes. Quiz

One Piece one of the Shonen anime that marked this genre, with more than 950 episodes One Piece is considered among the 10 longest anime in history, and with so many episodes it has left us with a huge number of memorable phrases; Your mission today is to read the phrase and try to guess which One Piece character said it. Luck.

Which yonkou would you be in One Piece? personality quiz

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  • Question of

    It may be hard right now… But you must silence those thoughts! Stop counting only those things that you have lost! What is gone, is gone!

    • Jinbei
    • Shanks
    • Marco
    • Ivankov
  • Question of

    Don,t try to find a justification for someone’s love!

    • Sengoku
    • Law
    • Corazón
    • Garp
  • Question of

    When you’re in trouble, laugh.

    • Oden
    • Jaguar D.Saul
    • Ace
  • Question of

    Being strong is not just about having power, it’s about our spirit

    • Luffy
    • Zoro
    • Ace
    • Barbablanca
  • Question of

    Neither God nor the devil can help those who have no desire to fight.

    • Nami
    • Nico Robin
    • Brook
    • Sanji
  • Question of

    The world has too many heroes, it needs a monster.

    • Mihawk
    • Shanks
    • Barbanegra
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    Someday, I promise you, they will all watch as I change the world.

    • Monkey D. Dragon
    • Monkey D.Luffy
    • Monkey D.Garp

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