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We can guess which member of the Straw Hats you are (One Piece).

We can guess which member of the Straw Hats you are (One Piece).

One Piece Ascended to the throne of the best-selling manga of all time, so we can assume that One Piece is also the most famous anime on the planet, thus leaving Dragon Ball in second place, today I bring you a fun test about 5 questions to guess Which Mugiwara character are you?

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    Describe yourself

    • I’m serious
    • I am impulsive
    • I am funny
    • I’m a crybaby
    • I am always at your command, but only if you are a woman XD
    • I think fear is what defines my personality
    • Well, I really can’t stop laughing.
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    A strong enemy appears out of nowhere. How do you act?

    • Strong , Well , I run away immediately .
    • I attack without thinking, I don’t care if it’s strong.
    • I stay behind, to protect my friends if the enemy approaches.
    • Strong , because the stronger the better .
    • Obviously, I hide until the fight is over.
    • I do not know what to do
  • Question of

    How do you like to fight?

    • With my hands
    • I prefer to use swords
    • With my legs, I like to kick
    • I prefer to use weapons
    • Anything that works for me to shoot from afar
    • I use the strength of my body to hit.
  • Question of

    What food do you prefer?

    • Meat
    • mm, I don’t care about food, I prefer alcohol
    • fish
    • Burgers
    • Pasta
    • sweets and chocolate
  • Question of

    What profession would you like to have ?

    • A ship engineer
    • Doctor
    • I would like to be a cook
    • I would like to be a weapons engineer
    • I would like to be a professional musician
    • I prefer to be autonomous.
    • I don’t think I’m going to have any profession, I’m going to live traveling.

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