Which 49ers Football player are you? Personality quiz.

Which 49ers Football player are you? Personality quiz.

49ers, the team that won five NFL championships, has fans all over the country, and if you got this far that means you’re a fan of them, with this personality test we try to guess which player of the 49ers San Francisco team are you , answer the following questions and on the final page we will show you which player you would be. 

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  • Question of

    which team are you a big fan of?

    • San francisco 49ers
    • New York Giants
    • Los Angeles Rams
    • Chicago Bears
    • Las Vegas Raiders
  • Question of

    Of these players, who is your favorite?

    • Trent williams
    • Dee ford
    • George kittle
    • Jimmie Ward
    • Nick Bosa
  • Question of

    Which legend player do you look up to?

    • Joe Montana
    • Jerry Rice
    • Steve Young
    • Ronnie Lott
    • Terrell Owens
    • Roger Craig
  • Question of

    You tend to like players in which position?

    • Quarterbacks
    • Running Backs/Fullback
    • Wide Receiver
    • Tight End
    • Offensive Linemen
    • Linebackers
    • Cornerbacks
  • Question of

    What would you do when you’re not on the field?

    • Party
    • Train
    • Sleep
    • Spend time with family
  • Question of

    What number would be on your player jersey?

    • 71
    • 97
    • 1
    • 85
    • 54
  • Question of

    You would like play or watching

    • Play
    • Watch

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