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Which Baki character are you? Personality Quiz

Which Baki character would you be?

After emerging victorious from a brutal underground tournament, Baki Hanma continues on his way to defeat his father, Yuujirou, the strongest man in the world. However, he doesn’t have time to rest when the tournament runner, Tokugawa Mitsunari, visits him at school.

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He reveals to Baki that five incredibly dangerous death row inmates from around the world, all martial arts experts, have simultaneously broken out of confinement and are on their way to Tokyo, each wanting to finally know the taste of defeat. Tokugawa warns that due to his known strength, Baki is bound to find them sooner or later, and she won’t be his only target. Adapting the first saga of the second manga series, Baki focuses on the all-out war between Japan’s esteemed martial artists and those from the dark underworld.

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  • Question of

    Where are you from?

    • Spain
    • Mexico
    • United Kingdom
    • Canada
    • Australia
    • United States
    • Other
  • Question of

    How strong are you? . .

    • the strongest of my friends
    • The third strongest in my group
    • I am the weakest
  • Question of

    Te gusta pelear

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Eres de los años

    • 80s
    • 90s
    • 2000s
  • Question of

    Cual personalidad te conviene más

    • El arrogante
    • El confiado
    • El humilde
    • El astuto
  • Question of

    Te gustaría ser

    • Fuerte
    • Inteligente
  • Question of

    En qué mes naciste

    • Enero – Marzo
    • Abril – Junio
    • Julio – Septiembre
    • Octubre – Deciembre

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