Which girl from Demon Slayer would be your girlfriend?

Which girl from Demon Slayer would be your girlfriend?

Demon Slayer with just one season conquered the anime world, the characters, the Japanese environment, made him achieve success in record time, and one thing that the anime community likes are waifus, and today with this personality test we intend to guess which of the demon slayer girls would be your waifu, answer the following questions and on the final page we will show you your girlfriend.

Which anime Nagataro girl will be your girlfriend?

Which girl from Demon Slayer would be your girlfriend


A brief summary before starting the test:

Since the most ancient times, humanity has known about monsters that eat human flesh, lurking in the dark to devour an unfortunate soul who does not trust rumors. However, rumors also mention an elite corps of demon hunters, skilled assassins, slaying demons. Demon Slayer focuses on Tanjirou Kamado, who is still very young, but the only male in his family.

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  • Question of

    What Colour Suits Your Personality?

    • Blue
    • Purple
    • pink
    • White
    • Black
  • Question of

    You are more . . . . .

    • Sociable
    • Shy
  • Question of

    Describe your self

    • In fact, I wear a mask, I have very different feelings and opinions than what I show
    • I am a very precise person
    • Kind, I am very vain and I always try to make others happy
    • Affectionate, I always think of others before me.
  • Question of

    Now how do people describe you?

    • Easy, shy. thoughtful and observant.
    • Friendly, cheerful and always ready to help.
    • Serious, and in a bad mood.
    • Smiling, and relaxed.
  • Question of

    How would you kill the oni?

    • With hatred and thirst for revenge
    • Mercilessly
    • I would love to kill those monsters
  • Question of

    Would you sacrifice your life to kill Muzan?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    If you see someone in danger, what would you do?

    • I do not doubt it and I will save her, although it may be dangerous for me
    • I would try to help her, but if I could endanger my life … I would think about it
    • I would try to call someone quickly
    • Not my problem

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