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Which Hellbound character are you? personality test

Which Hellbound character are you? personality test

Personality test to find out which of the Hellbound characters you would be, BEWARE the questions would be somewhat uncomfortable, since the theme of the series is somewhat strange and to get the correct answers and see if they coincide with the characters of the series you have to put questions of this type. I hope you enjoy the quiz and don’t forget to share the quiz with your colleagues on social media.

The new Netflix series Hellbound

A story about otherworldly beings that appear out of nowhere to issue a decree and condemn people to hell. These supernatural events cause great chaos and allow the religious group The New Truth to increase their influence. Some people, however, become suspicious of his activities and begin to investigate his involvement in mysterious events.

Which Elves Character Are You?

Netflix’s Hellbound is a series adaptation of a 2019 fantasy comic, and its live-action cast includes some of South Korea’s most talented actors.

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  • Question of

    Are you …..

    • Male
    • Femal
  • Question of

    What religion do you follow?

    • Islam
    • Christianity
    • Judaism
    • Buddhism
    • Non
  • Question of

    Do you believe in the other world?

    • Not at all
    • Yes absolutely
    • I am very changeable sometimes yes I believe sometimes no
    • I prefer not to say
  • Question of

    You would like bad people to go to hell.

    • yes it will be right
    • No, I think life imprisonment is enough
    • I prefer not to say
  • Question of

    Which of the following sins do you think is the worst thing a human being can do?

    • Kill
    • Steal
    • Rape
    • Torture
  • Question of

    Suppose your son would kill someone else’s son, would you accept him going to hell as a form of punishment?

    • Yes, I think it’s the right way
    • I will not accept such a thing.
    • I accept that it is punished with life imprisonment but that it does not go to hell.
  • Question of

    Now let’s suppose that someone else’s child would kill your child. You would like that person to go to hell as a form of punishment.

    • Yes, I think that is the most correct
    • No, life imprisonment will suffice.
    • I prefer not to say

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