Which Peaky Blinders character would be your boyfriend?

Which Peaky Blinders character would be your boyfriend?

With this personality quiz we will try to guess which of the male characters of Peaky Blinders could be your partner  , answer the following questions honestly, and you will see the result in the final page, if you liked the test, do not forget to share the test with your friends on social Media.

Qué personaje de Peaky Blinders eres ? 

Which Peaky Blinders character would be your boyfriend

what does peaky blinders mean

In 2013, the British BBC premiered Peaky Blinders , a series whose broadcasting rights were acquired by Netflix due to the good reception it had among the public. The fiction features a Tommy Shelby riding his thoroughbred horse as he rides through post-Great War Birmingham. This imposing character is dressed distinctively and elegantly in a three-piece suit and shirt with a starched collar, but no tie. Neighbors greet him timidly, as do the police, with whom he seems to have a good relationship based on his veneration. The rest of the characters on the scene appear begging, drinking or gambling.


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  • Question of

    are you . . . .

    peacky blinders quiz
    • Dominant
    • Dominated
    • No idea
  • Question of

    What would be your ideal date

    • Go on a picnic. …
    • Go on a Scavenger Hunt
    • Watch a Local Sports Game
    • Watch an Old Movie—Outside
    • Find a Cozy Coworking Space
  • Question of

    What characteristic describe you the most. . . .

    • Quiet
    • Greedy
    • Furious
    • Charismatic
    • Smart
  • Question of

    Are you a religious person

    • Yes
    • No
    • Sometiemes
  • Question of

    Choose . . . .

    • Tranquility and poverty
    • Dangers and requisition
  • Question of

    What does revenge look like to you ?

    • A waste of time
    • A necessary thing to put out the fire that I have inside
  • Question of

    De qué parte del mundo eres?

    peacky blinders quiz
    • De África
    • De Europa
    • De América del sur
    • De América del Norte
    • De Asia

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