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Which Spy x Family Girl would be your waifu?


For the agent known as “Twilight,” no order is too tall if it is for the sake of peace. Operating as Westalis’ master spy, Twilight works tirelessly to prevent extremists from sparking a war with neighboring country Ostania. For his latest mission, he must investigate Ostanian politician, Donovan Desmond, by infiltrating his son’s school: the prestigious Eden Academy. Thus, the agent faces the most difficult task of his career: get married, have a child, and play family.

which female character from the popular anime Spy x Family would be your partner

Twilight, or “Loid Forger,” quickly adopts the unassuming orphan Anya to play the role of a six-year-old daughter and prospective Eden Academy student. For a wife, he comes across Yor Briar, an absent-minded office worker who needs a pretend partner of her own to impress her friends. However, Loid is not the only one with a hidden nature. Yor moonlights as the lethal assassin “Thorn Princess.” For her, marrying Loid creates the perfect cover. Meanwhile, Anya is not the ordinary girl she appears to be; she is an esper, the product of secret experiments that allow her to read minds. Although she uncovers their true identities, Anya is thrilled that her new parents are cool secret agents! She would never tell them, of course. That would ruin the fun.

Under the guise of “The Forgers,” the spy, the assassin, and the esper must act as a family while carrying out their own agendas. Although these liars and misfits are only playing parts, they soon find that family is about far more than blood relations. Source: Myanimelist.

Which Spy x Family Girl would be your Waifu?

With this test we intend to guess which female character from the popular anime Spy x Family would be your girlfriend, honestly answer the following questions and on the final page we will show you the result.

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  • Question of

    How would you describe the girl you want to be with?

    • Romantic girl
    • Sexy Girl
    • Strong girl
  • Question of

    Hair Color?

    • Red
    • Blonde
    • Black
    • Brunette
  • Question of

    Choose Your Favorite Quality In A Woman

    • Intelligent
    • Good speaker
    • Romantic
    • Adventurous
  • Question of

    What would you be doing on a typical Friday night?

    • Hanging at home.
    • Going out to dinner.
    • Getting romantic in the bedroom.
    • Going out and getting bombed.
  • Question of

    Where would you two go on vacation?

    • Disneyland
    • New York City
    • Miami Beach
    • Las Vegas

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