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Which Tokyo Revengers character will be your boyfriend ?

Which Tokyo Revengers character will be your boyfriend ?

You might like the tough and righteous guys like Draken or maybe the bad and tough guys like Hanma Shuji from Tokyo Revengers. So this test will help you decide who of all of them would be the perfect match for you. And, it may surprise you and you will be left with the gang member you have been waiting for so much.

Now, you may be Team Draken or Team Mikey, so surely this test will surprise you with your result. Also, there is a small chance that your Tokyo Revengers will be the one you least expect. Although, we want your wish to come true and you can have the boy you long for. Remember to answer honestly or you will have to repeat the past until the person you long for comes out.

¿What character of Tokyo Revengers are you?

.Which Tokyo Revengers character will be your boyfriend ?


Tokyo Revengers test Quiz Who would be your Husbando?

The questionnaire of which Tokyo Revengers character would be your partner, consists of 10 questions about your preferences, tastes, defects, you have to answer honestly and at the end you will be shown a final page with the result of the character that matches your tastes. Maybe your husbando will not be what you expect, but you can redo the test as many times as you want until you achieve your goal.

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  • Question of

    Do you care about appearance?

    • Yes
    • Just a little bit
    • I do not care
    • I like guys with earrings
  • Question of

    Would you join a gang?

    • Yes it sounds fun
    • No
    • Maybe if the person I like is in the gang too
  • Question of

    If your previous answer was affirmative, which gang would you join? [If not, just press skip]

    • Black dragon
    • Toman
    • Moebius
    • Valhalla
    • Skip
  • Question of

    Which is your favourite character

    • Draken
    • akkun
    • Takemichi
    • Mikey
    • Kisaki
    • Hanma
    • Chifuyu
    • Mitsuya
  • Question of

    What word do you describe yourself with?

    • Lazy
    • Happy
    • Beautiful
    • Athletic
    • Romance
    • Faithful
    • Confident
    • Responsable
  • Question of

    Your boyfriend is captain of what division

    tokyo revengers best friend quiz
    • 1st division
    • He is sub captain of the 1st division
    • He is the president
    • 2nd division
    • Is the sub president
    • Does not occupy any position
  • Question of

    Percentage of responsibility

    • 0 %
    • 20 %
    • 40 %
    • 60 %
    • 80 %
    • 100 %
  • Question of

    Do you like aggressive people?

    • Yes
    • No

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