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Which tokyo revengers girl would be your girlfriend / Waifu

Which Tokyo Revengers girl would be your Girlfriend / Waifu.

With this personality Quiz we try to guess which of the female characters in Tokyo Revengers would be your Waifu, answer honestly the following questions and on the final page we will show you which one would be your partner.

Which Tokyo Revengers character will be your boyfriend ?


Takemichi Hanagaki is a young man whose life revolves around misfortune, pessimism and sadness. The latest unpleasant news this young man has to deal with is the death of his ex-girlfriend from high school, Hinata Tachibana, at the hands of a dangerous street gang called Tokyo Manji. 

When it seemed that nothing could get worse, Takemichi is pushed onto the train tracks, but before he dies, he travels 12 years back in time, to a time when he still had a group of friends and a supportive girlfriend. The protagonist realizes that this is the only chance to save Hinata and rewrite her history, so he decides to infiltrate the ranks of Tokyo Manji in order to prevent her death.

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  • Question of

    What do you prefer . . . .

    • Romantic girl
    • Sexy Girl
    • Strong girl
  • Question of


    • Blonde
    • Brunette
    • Redhead
  • Question of

    How old you ?

    • -14 years
    • 15 – 17 years
    • +17 years
  • Question of

    Describe yourself

    • Smart
    • Strong
    • Handsome
    • charismatic
    • Kind
  • Question of

    Which month were you born in?

    • January March
    • April-June
    • July-September
    • October-December

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