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Which Tomodachi Game character are you ? Quiz.

Which Tomodachi Game character are you ? Quiz.


What is more important, friendship or money? Yuichi has no doubt that his friends are the most important thing to him, however, he knows well the difficulties of not having money. He works very hard to pay for the study trip and be able to share the experience with his gang. But something terrible happens: Yuichi and his friends are kidnapped and wake up in the middle of a room with a strange character who forces them to participate in a strange competition. Apparently, one of them has entered into a dangerous game to pay a debt and has involved the rest of the group… Who is to blame for this madness? In the midst of lies, deceptions, betrayals and bizarre tests, Yuichi must face his friends in a fight where money will test the bond of friendship between young people.

Here are the 14 best Tomodachi Game characters who play an important role in the anime and manga series:

  • Yuichi
  • Maria
  • Shiho
  • Kokorogi
  • Tenji
  • Tsukino
  • Full Deductions
  • kei shinomiya
  • Kuroki
  • Manabú
  • yuka katagari
  • Reiko
  • Mine is bad
  • saori miyabe

Now, if you want to know which Tomodachi Game Character are you , remember to answer honestly or you might end up with no one by your side

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