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Which white-haired girl would be your girlfriend (Waifu)

Which white-haired girl would be your girlfriend (Waifu).

It is true that girls with white hair can only be seen in anime, or cosplay, so having a girlfriend of this type is trapped in the world of fiction, Today with this test we try to guess which anime girl with white hair would be your girlfriend or waifu, Answer honestly the questions that come up, and on the final page of the questionnaire we will show you which of the girls with white hair would be your waifu.

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  • Question of

    How do you describe yourself

    • Calm and relaxed
    • Smart
    • Selfish but responsible
    • Kind
  • Question of

    What would be your ideal date

    • Try a new restaurant.
    • Go on a picnic
    • Hit the beach
    • Go skiing
  • Question of

    what kind of personality do you like in a girl

    • who has her own life
    • who is kind
    • flexible and passionate
    • sincere
    • intelligent
  • Question of

    Do you have a girlfriend

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    How old are you ?

    • – 14
    • 15-17
    • 18-20
    • +20
  • Question of


    • Beauty
    • Intelligence

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