Solo Leveling descends into Jujutsu Kaisen madness with a horrifying second episode

I think those of us who watched season 2 of “Jujutsu Kaisen“We came to the conclusion that it was virtually impossible for anything else to happen to Itadori. Not only did he see two truly close people die before his eyes, but he was a slave to how his body was used to carry out a savage mass murder. Well, it seems that “Solo Leveling” has now recreated part of that darkness to finish the introduction of the Sung Jinwoo story.

The +20 suffocating minutes of the protagonist of Solo Leveling in episode 2 of the anime

One thing was clear when watching episode 1 of the “Solo Leveling” anime: everything was going wrong. Of course, it was difficult to imagine that the outcome of the introductory events of the anime could happen in this way. such an extremely horrible way as they ended up happening in episode 2.

The abandonment and hypocrisy of the hunters

Even though most of the lower-class hunters constantly mock Sung Jinwoo for being the weakest hunter of all and always screwing up, he is ultimately Sung Jinwoo himself is the one who manages to rescue most of them. How do they thank you? Giving him the kick between excuses.

only leveling
When the nurse tells you that ‘it’s just going to be a little pinch’

And when they finally reach the final phase of the challenge, after having followed step by step the instructions of Sung Jinwoo who literally leaves one foot along the way, those who see a way out of the chaos hesitate for about 5 seconds to abandon him. to him and the rest. The most painful stab in the back is that of one of the veteran hunters, who plays the ‘I have a family‘ as if Sung Jinwoo wasn’t in the same situation. And yes, it seems that Sung Jinwoo remembers that quite a bit.

Absolutely savage torture

Obviously the protagonist of “Solo Leveling” does not go through a wild psychological and emotional phase alone, seeing how his life is about to end despite so much effort and sacrifice. It is that literally in the process it also ends up being tortured, dismantled, riddled with bullets and all the terms that can be applied to what ends up suffering.

only leveling
Sung Jinwoo is absolutely devastated in the new episode of Solo Leveling

Sung Jinwoo’s last moments are those of someone whom He is missing a foot and an arm, which has been bruised by all kinds of attacks and above all impaled by a sword about 12 times the size of his body.. Sung Jinwoo’s face speaks for itself in those moments, drawing a completely horrifying expression with every step.

And after the first two episodes in which the theme has been ‘We are going to make the protagonist of Solo Leveling suffer‘, it’s time to see what happens after seeing a few final moments in which Sung Jinwoo seems activate some kind of special mission. What is clear is that what the character has experienced in these moments will have changed many things about how he sees the world around him, so I think there are reasons to look forward to everything that awaits us from the third episode of the anime.

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