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Some fetishes that the anime made popular

Fetishes, known in the sexual sphere as paraphilias, are all those patterns of sexual behavior linked to atypical objects, situations, activities or individuals. Some are more worrisome than others, but something we can assure is that anime culture spread certain fetishes to the entire world, and some people might not even know they had a “fetish thing” until an anime showed it to them.

So, what would be the most relevant fetishes that have been promoted by the anime industry?

1. Fetish for school uniforms

One of the most common anime fetishes is the school uniform. As already noted, the mere presence of a school uniform does not necessarily mean that it is being fetishized or objectified, but it can be. It’s also worth noting that interest in characters wearing school uniforms doesn’t automatically denote anything sinister or illegal either.; in fact, for those who have a sexual fetish for school uniforms, it is often the contrast between a fully grown person and an outfit associated with “youth” that is most appealing; in fact, it’s not uncommon for supposedly school-age anime characters to have clearly mature figures.


As an anime fetish and more widely in Japanese popular media, the typical school uniform is often combined with girly fashion to create a more streamlined and sometimes provocative look. This is achieved by shortening the skirt, regardless of the season, and combining it with distinctive legwear, such as loose leg socks. Characters also often apply their own touch of individuality to the basic uniform, an easy way to stand out visually while still being part of the “group.”

But the appeal of the school uniform as an anime fetish goes beyond simple sex appeal. The school uniform represents an important and defining moment in everyone’s life. For many people, school was a time when it seemed like there were endless possibilities ahead of you, and so many different directions you could go. You began to define the person you would become, the people you were interested in, and your tastes in all sorts of things, including sex.

2. Fetish for maids

The popularity of maids as an anime fetish is probably obvious: in addition to the distinctive outfit (usually specifically based on a heavily modified evolution of 19th century French designs), a maid represents someone who serves, usually without question. However, there is a fantasy aspect to all of this. If a real maid were hired nowadays, she probably wouldn’t appear dressed as her in an anime, and she would certainly walk out the door if she was told that her tasks are sexual in nature, as she should. to be. Thus, anime characters dressed as maids represent the pure fantasy of having someone on hand who is there only to serve us, in a variety of capacities, including sometimes sexually.


More generally, the interest in maids as a fetish in anime probably indicates a desire to be heard, to be taken seriously, and to be able to assert one’s authority. Obviously, in the real world respect is earned, not given, but for some people, especially those with social anxiety issues, the “earning” part can seem like an insurmountable hurdle. Hence, the fantasy of the maids allows you to imagine what it would feel like to have a certain degree of authority.

That said, it’s becoming increasingly popular in modern anime for maid-type characters to subvert expectations and act rather more independently than their role would stereotypically expect them to behave. This contrast, of course, also has its appeal.

3. Fetish for kemonomimi

The fetish for characters with animal ears represents our love for pets, specifically those that show us unconditional love., who are reliable companions even in our most difficult times and who listen to us even when we have no one else to turn to. This anime fetish is perhaps most effectively explored in the visual novel series Nekoparain which the “neko girl” characters have clearly catlike behaviors that remind us of what they are based on, but their more “human” aspects allow us to relate to them in a way that is simply not possible with a real pet.

The sexual aspect of works like Nekopara it represents a natural extension of the physical affection that we habitually share with our pets; a sexual interest in characters with animal ears does not indicate an interest in bestiality, of course, rather it acknowledges the fact that if, for example, we were to do to a human being what we do when we pet our cat, things could go further quite easily.

Characters with animal ears also allow us to explore the human characteristics that we sometimes attribute to non-human creatures, such as the elegance and sensuality of cats, the enthusiasm and loyalty of dogs, the cunning of foxes, and many others. stuff. Furthermore, the way animals’ ears move represents a different—and much clearer—means of communicating emotion than human body language. In short, interest in kemonomimi characters often represents a desire for unconditional love, closeness, and companionship, and a desire for clear, often wordless communication that leads to intuitive mutual understanding.

4. Fetish for onee-san (girls older than you)

Like everything else on this list, this anime fetish is not to be taken at face value. Having an interest in the “big sister” fetish does not mean that you are looking for an incestuous relationship, but it is about what that relationship represents. “onee-san relationships” in anime are often depicted as very close, warm, open, and honest. A character’s “onee-san” is usually someone they can turn to in case of concern and vent to. Family connection implies a sense of closeness and intimacy that is somewhat different from the bonds between friends, and the fact that the onee-san is closer to one’s age than one’s own mother means that one is more likely to find her kindred and worthy. trusted.

Interestingly, the big sister fetish in anime is often portrayed from the “sister” angle. Most of the time, a female character who fervently wants a younger character to refer to her as “onee-chan” does so because establishing that relationship means that someone is counting on her, leans on her, and trusts her. Then it is up to them what they do with that relationship; some “onee-chan” take advantage of the situation, while others keep things totally sane. It’s also a trope that can be easily subverted, with hilarious and engaging results.

Put another way: unlike the maid fetish, for example, in its most basic form, the older sister fetish keeps control in the hands of the female character. For someone looking for an “onee-chan” of their own, they are most likely looking for a sense of safety and security, and a place where they can be honest about absolutely everything.

5. Foot fetish

According to a study published in 2007 in the International Journal of Impotence Research, foot fetishism is the most common form of sexual fetishism by “objects or parts of the body that would not otherwise be sexual”. This explains why there is often so much emphasis on feet in Japanese popular media in its original form, and on fan works based on those popular media; is one of the most commonly seen anime fetishes.

Interestingly, despite the fact that foot fetishism is so common, there is no real consensus on what exactly causes it or why people feel it so intensely. Some have suggested that there are adjacent connections in the brain between the feet and the genitals, but others question this. Sociobiologist Desmond Morris suggested that the phenomenon of “imprinting” could be a possible explanation. And Freud thought that the foot was a symbol of the penis, but then he said that about almost everything.

Foot fetishism is probably so popular because it can encompass so many different interests. For example, those who are interested in bare feet, tights, stockings or socks could be grouped under the heading “foot fetishism”.. What does it mean? Well, maybe it just means they like feet. And sometimes that’s all the explanation needed.

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