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Some VTubers open a contest to get a husband

the japanese portal myjitsu shared an article noting that the VTubers group, “omega sisters” has launched a special call to find a husband for one of the members. The call has become a trend because it is unprecedented, since it is made in both a comic and serious sense.

«The twin VTubers “Omega Sisters” have started a special project to recruit a “marriage partner” for one of the girls. The two of them, who have already done some interesting things within the VTuber industry, seem to have reached a new frontier. The “Omega Sisters” are a two-girl unit of VTubers, who perform under the names “Omega Rio” (pink hair) and “Omega Ray” (blue hair). The duo debuted in 2018, and currently continue to work independently, that is, without signing with any agency.».

«In a recently released video, it turns out that the “Omega Sisters” are looking for a match with the intention of marriage for “Omega Rio”, one of the sisters. The name of the project is “Buying Love”, and it is mentioned that it is not only looking for someone who is also a VTuber, but anyone can participate. The “Buying Love” process consists in that, after reducing the number of candidates through a filtering of documents, those who approve it undergo an audition in “VRChat”. This is a new test that could really be called “virtual marriage activity”».

«Regarding what “Omega Rio” asks for his partner in marriage, he explains that he wants someone “funny”, “the gender does not matter”, “handsome or cute”, “with a cheerful personality”, “someone who laughs at the bad words”, “with good economy”, and “who adore cats”. Although it seems much more demanding, he also says that “nothing happens if you don’t comply”, so it may be possible for people who are not confident in their appearance or economic capacity.».

«The unprecedented project about a couple of VTubers making an announcement to find a partner for marriage evidently generated comments on social networks, noting: “Now Rio-chan is settling down? What fun“; “Wow, sounds pretty crazy and impossible to believe“; “Let’s hope the project pays off and Rio-chan actually gets married, it would make an impressive case for the story.“; “That recruiting husband for RIo-chan is really interesting.».

«Led by Hololive Production, the VTuber industry has spawned members who are generally regarded as “idols” and likewise, fans who are “hypersensitive” to someone starting a romantic relationship. However, the “Omega Sisters” have always opened up about their personal lives. In November 2020, they reported that “Omega Ray” had given birth to a healthy baby, which drew attention on social media.».

«In addition, the “Omega Sisters” have started to break various taboos in the industry, and recently they started a style of videos where they appear in person and the faces of their avatars are placed on their face, so they make live broadcasts much more dynamic that they are not limited by “a pretty look” and a background voice. Perhaps they are paving the way for an industry that is becoming more and more repetitive.».

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