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Sono Bisque Doll returns in fabulous parody H — Kudasai

No doubt Maplestar He is the erotic artist par excellence on social networks. While some show spectacular talent in the art of illustrations, It seems that no one has been able to compete with the art of this artist’s animationswho surprises with each new release based on the most popular series of the moment.

One of Maplestar’s most characteristic hallmarks is the fact that it usually uses the same art style as the original series it is making a hentai parody of.causing many unsuspecting users to believe that this is an official video produced by the original studio, bringing confusion after confusion for those less familiar with their art.

Well, Maplestar’s most recent project was based on the franchise of Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru (My Dress-Up Darling), but at a time that has not been adapted in the original anime project. Specifically, Maplestar was based on what happened in Chapters 74 and 75 of the original manga. In this small arc, Wakana and Marin meet at the latter’s house so that he can familiarize himself with the story of the video game “Coffin”. Thanks to Wakana’s grandfather staying with his aunt, he is free to stay late with Marin.

As it gets later, Wakana continues to be engrossed with the story of the visual novel, until he realizes that it is already quite late at night. Marin tries her best to convince him to stay, succeeding by pointing out that the trains may no longer be available. They both go to buy groceries to spend the night, while Marin begins to think that that same night they will finally make love.

Evidently they both fall asleep in the original manga and nothing happens, but Maplestar decided to change this development so that fans of Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru (My Dress-Up Darling) finally get what they wanted, seeing the couple finally vent their desires. Check out some screenshots of the video below, and although the full video is only available on Patreon, you already know that there is always the possibility of it being leaked through other means.

And of course, this did not go unnoticed by the community:

  • «Gosh, I thought this was a trailer for season two.».
  • «Your work is inspiring, many animators, including me, have been inspired by you to enter this market».
  • «I don’t remember these chapters being so hot in the original manga».
  • «Incredible that Maplestar has already produced three Sono Bisque Doll hentai animations and we still don’t have any news about the second season».
  • «As always, it is shown that Maplestar treats its employees better than MAPPA».
  • «This work is really impressive, I even thought it was part of the anime».
  • «I thought it was a trailer for season two, congratulations! What a spectacular animation!».
  • «Geez, man, why haven’t you started your own studio? Hire voice actresses, get sponsors, change the hentai world!».
  • «Let the darkness flow through your body, Gojo, impregnate her!».
  • «If the author had not been afraid of success, this result would have come out. As always, Maplestar being a hero to the community».
  • «You have nothing but my complete respect. It takes an insane amount of talent to recreate animated scenes in the same style as the original studio, let alone panels from the manga that haven’t been animated. Gosh, I think you’re one of the few artists really worth supporting, not just for the hentai content, but directly for your own talent.».

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