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Sousou no Frieren’s feet go viral — Kudasai

In short, the anime fan community is completely unpredictable, making the most unexpected things a trend. That’s what happened after the most recent episode of Sousou no Frieren (Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End), which seems to have delighted the community for a scene where it focuses greatly on the protagonist’s feet.

The foot fetish is one of the most popular paraphilias around the world. More and more people, especially men, discover this taste in the deepest part of their being, and the Japanese have not been the exception. After all, eventually the taste for the lower region of women spread to cover calves, thighs, and even the zettai ryouikithe bare area between high stockings and a miniskirt.

Without further ado, why don’t we review the scene that apparently drove netizens and anime fans crazy?

Frieren reveals to Fern that Stark’s birthday is that same day, which leaves the latter dismayed that he had not revealed it to her in advance. As Fern debates what she should get him, Frieren points out that she has the perfect gift for him, a potion that melts her clothes. Throughout this scene, Frieren is wearing light clothing and playing with her bare feet, but did you know that this doesn’t really happen like that in the manga?

The entire previous scene was extended by the animators in Madhouse, since in the original manga this scene has an extension of only five panels. This fact was also mentioned on social networks, and the fans did nothing but appreciate the effort of the animation team (with some quite intense comments as well):

  • «The romp, the length of the flats, Frieren knows that her feet will be worshiped immediately».
  • «I’m not a big fan of feet, but Frieren really knows how to excite me».
  • «I assure you viewer, the camera angle focusing on Frieren’s feet for more than half the scene is absolutely essential to the plot.».
  • «This is all a foreshadowing of what Frieren will teach later, but no one is prepared for this conversation.».
  • «I really wasn’t the least bit interested in watching Sousou no Frieren, but this has definitely caught my attention».
  • «Do people have problems with this too? I mean, aren’t there people who do this in real life? And yes, she is an elf over a thousand years old that turns me on, any problem?».
  • «This episode surely made many people move towards foot fetishism».
  • «Good god, the movement of her hair is impressive. I haven’t seen the series, but now I understand the comments that “Madhouse is back.” So it was true, huh? I can’t debate this legendary director, anyway».
  • «I wasn’t able to watch this episode on the day it aired, but I’m very happy for the Madhouse animators.».
  • «The voice doesn’t really fit the character, I don’t know if it was a good idea to use the same voice actress as Anya Forger».

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