Spy x Family and its fun tribute to Detective Conan in chapter 94 of the manga

When talking about the pillars of shonen in the manga world, we usually refer to works like Boruto, One Piece, Chainsaw Man or Dandadan, which have in common their focus on action. However, there are other types of titles such as Spy x Family that, although they have fights, they bet to a greater extent on comedy and slice-of-life.

Thanks to that, Tetsuya Endo’s manga became one of the most successful in recent years, partly thanks to the enormous popularity that its animated adaptation gave it. Spy x Family is known for making us smile with the Forger family’s jokes, but be careful because now They are moving into parody territory. And the first one is from Detective Conan!

Spy x Family pays tribute to Detective Conan in its manga

spy x family season 3 (1)
  • The readers were surprised to see that Endo-sensei prepared a clear parody/homage to Detective Conan the sea of ​​original, in which The Forgers are involved in a murder in a mountain lodge😯
  • This episode presents the same structure as many of the cases devised by Gosho Aoyama: a group of characters trapped in a cabin, an urban legend is told, suddenly a scream is heard, someone is murdered, the culprit is one of those presentetc.✅
  • They even added panels in which the mythical silhouette of the criminal appears and Loid doing the Shinichi pose!🤣🤣🤣

I personally miss that the creator of Spy x Family is taking so much time telling additional stories instead of advancing the main plot. However, if he is dedicated to presenting parodies this nice, I don’t mind giving him more creative freedom. What do you think?

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