SPY X FAMILY CODE: White” is just around the corner, or in other words, the first film of the “Spy x Family” anime will debut very soon in theaters in Spain. For weeks we have known that The feature film in question will debut on April 19, 2024 in theaters in our country, courtesy of Crunchyroll distribution.. With this in mind, today another big step forward has been taken towards this debut by making ticket sales available all over the country.

Yes, you can now buy your tickets to see SPY X FAMILY CODE: Blanco in Spain

Next I leave you with all the information you should take into account About the availability of “SPY X FAMILY CODE: White”:

  • To begin, I leave you at this link with a special website created so that you can Directly book your movie tickets for SPY X FAMILY CODE: White.
Spy x Family CODE: White
The dedicated website searches for you the closest cinemas that will broadcast SPY X FAMILY CODE: White
  • The website in question is responsible for synchronize your location with the nearest cinemas who have already confirmed that, come April 19, 2024, they will have SPY X FAMILY CODE: Blanco as part of their film catalog. 😉
  • It is important to keep in mind that there are still more than two weeks left until the premiere of SPY X FAMILY CODE: White, so It is most likely that until then theaters will still be added to the premiere. After all, you have to think that the usual thing with anime in Spain is that ticket sales are activated only a few days before the premiere, so this time frame is really something out of the ordinary. 😮
  • For those who have doubts, I will highlight that SPY X FAMILY CODE: White It is NOT a canon movie. That is, it is not in charge of following the events of the main story of Tatsuya Endo’s manga and therefore is not a priority to stay on track with respect to the plot. Consequently, he is simply a viewing with which to have a fun time in the company of the Forgers. 😁

The truth is, with so much preparation ahead of the premiere of “SPY X FAMILY CODE: White“It is clear to me that Crunchyroll sees this movie as a guaranteed success. The truth is that even though the second season did not hit as hard as the first, The Forgers have become one of the new references of anime in Spain. So now you know, if you plan to go to the cinema on April 19 to see “SPY

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