Spy x Family, Haikyuu… Japan’s cinemas are getting tired of the ‘gifts’ of anime movies

A report from last December reveals that employees in some rooms in Japan are not satisfied with a practice that has become normalized

I think we have all attended at this point an anime session in which some kind of incentive for attending the room. In my case, the coolest one I remember was a volume of “One Piece Film Red“, although obviously what is a pleasure for some may not be so much for others. What is this about? Well, because a report emerged from Japan last December that said that Some employees were starting to get tired of this practice for the sector’s premieres..

Are gifts in anime movies a problem for theaters?

It was the team AnimeHunch which included a conversation started by a movie theater employee in Japan who, remaining anonymous (logical, otherwise he would surely be out on the street), expressed some of the problems they had encountered for the anime industry’s recent practice of giving ‘incentives’ to its viewers:

  • In recent years there have been more and more anime franchises with film releases that have given a series of gifts to the attendees who first showed up in the theaters. In fact, the most recent examples are precisely very recent: Spy x Family CODE: White did it for his part and with the first movie for the end of Haikyuu!! more of the same will happen again. 🤔
haikyuu manga (1)
Haikyuu!! premieres the first film of its finale on February 16, and will do so by giving away a manga
  • The point is that while this is a real joy for the fans (after all, it just comes with the price of admission), in Japan cinemas have encountered problems as the following:
    • On the one hand, sometimes they receive so many incentives that It is difficult to find a place in the cinemas to store all of this. properly.
    • On the other hand, sometimes they end up being left over of such incentives, and the fact of having to Getting rid of them can even cost movie theaters money.
    • There have also been situations whereby cinemas have received accusations on Social Networks of keeping part of the incentivescausing a shortage of them (whether this is true or not, something I don’t know, it can obviously negatively affect the reputation of the theaters).
    • Another scenario is that of customers who simply go to movie theaters looking to collect these incentivesand in case they are sold out upon arrival they even end up demanding a refund of the ticket.
  • In general, it seems that among certain workers there has been a feeling that, with anime film releases, What is given ends up being more important than the film itself.. And obviously as room workers it involves some unusual tasks and situations. 😅

The truth is, I don’t know how widespread the feelings conveyed in this report are, but if you pay attention to what is said you can really understand where the controversy comes from. Again, As a viewer, the whole issue of gifts is something that seems perfect to me. and that motivates me to go to the theaters, and obviously a larger audience is also good in economic terms for the theaters. Nevertheless, In the same way I can understand the worker who is starting to get tired of having to take inventory of sleeves, pamphlets and so on. when, in theory, it is there to accommodate and assist the viewer as appropriate.

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