Spy x Family reveals… the announcement date for its season 3?

TO “Spy x Family“There is only one episode left to conclude season 2. Maybe this one hasn’t shined as bright as the first one.but there is no doubt that this anime remains one of the best on the current scene. That is why all his followers are looking forward to the announcement of the third season.

Today, I bring you news about this. And it seems that We could already have the announcement date for season 3 of “Spy x Family”. Along with this, it has been revealed an exclusive gift from Japan that can be obtained by those who go to the cinema to see the Forgers’ new film. Right now I will tell you all this in more calm and detail, according to the information collected by Manga Mogura RE.


Possible release date for Season 3 of Spy x Family

This is what we know:

  • It has been announced a special “Spy x Family” event for June 9. 🗓
  • This could be nothing, but celebrations like this are often used to announce new seasons of anime. ❓
  • So that, They could present season 3 to us on June 9. ❤️
  • If this finally happens, I think the most logical thing would be to think that “Spy x Family” will not return until 2025. Because announcing the season in summer and releasing it before the end of the year seems very hasty to me (although you never know) ❗️
  • However, I already tell you, All of these are mere assumptions and there is nothing official about it yet.. ✅

Gift in theaters in Japan for watching Spy x Family Code: WHITE

This is the other relevant information that the franchise has left us:

  • Spy x Family Code: WHITE” will be released in theaters in Japan next December 22th (will reach west in 2024). 🗓
  • Given the proximity of this date, it has been announced a gift for the first ones who come to see the movie. 🎁
  • This gift will be a manga with a completely original story made by Tatsuya Endou himself (author of the main manga of the IP). ❗️
  • Will this gift reach the West? Personally I wouldn’t rule it out completely, although I find it quite unlikely. 😞
Spy x Family Loid Anya

And here comes the information about the possible release date for season 3 of “Spy x Family” and the gift they will give in Japan for going to see their new movie. What do you think of these news? You can give your opinion in the comments. I read you!

What is clear is that before season 3 of this anime it will reach us “Mission: Yozakura Family“. This is an anime similar to that of the Forgersso you will surely love it if you are fans of this IP.

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