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Studio Ghibli searches for the subjects who ‘desecrated’ their characters

The Governor of Aichi Prefecture, Hideaki Omurahas asked the ghibli park to take strict measures against malicious incidents that occurred at the Nagakute City facility, after it was posted photos on social media that appeared to show visitors doing indecent acts with the characters.

According to the administration of Aichi Prefecture, In February, various photos of character statues on display at Park Ghibli’s “Ghibli Department Store” were posted on Twitter that appeared to show indecent acts by visitors.. It should be noted that most of the characters in the productions of Studio Ghibli they are minors, which further aggravates the problem of showing them being sexually assaulted.

Governor Omura stated at a press conference: “It is in very bad taste for these photographs to be uploaded to social networks, since both adults and children are invited to enter and enjoy the facilities. It is extremely unfortunate and must be stopped at all costs.he expressed with energetic disgust.

And he added: «Ghibli Park is located in a region of the prefecture. If this happens again in the future, we will have no choice but to take firm and strict measures ourselves.». He ended by revealing that they have already contacted the site administration, requesting them to take firm action against malicious incidents that occur within the facilities.

Of course, the situation was discussed in opinion forums in Japan:

  • «The park should never have been built in Aichi».
  • «I think it would be worse if they did it with the bottargas, because there is a person inside. But, statues?».
  • «If anything, it would be damage to property or to the image of the brand, but why does the government have to get involved in this?».
  • «These kinds of pranks now have the government after your head. Times have really changed».
  • «I never thought that doing something like this could land you in jail.».
  • «At best, you’ll just be knocked out of the park forever.».
  • «Park Ghibli hasn’t said anything about it, so why is the governor getting involved?».
  • «Otaku men are so destructive…».
  • «I have no idea what charges they would file, but I’m very curious».
  • «It can’t be destruction of property, I don’t think it’s even a crime, unless the statues have rights».
  • «At best they can challenge the search. Property damage is impossible».

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