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studio hb launches crowdfunding campaign for Tabihani, its original anime



As some of you may know, the animation studio «studio hb» started a crowdfunding campaign (fundraising campaign) that is dedicated to its original anime Tabihania series that was announced in 2020 and that focuses on akari yasima Y Nagi Kitayamatwo high school students who travel around Japan to find the places where “Onee-san” used to visit.

Said fundraising campaign that the study «studio hb» launched for «Tabihani»began on December 29 of this year (Thursday) and aims to finance the advertising and promotion of its original anime

Tabihani Studio Hb Anime Min

The animation studio «studio hb» spoke about this crowdfunding campaign and mentioned the following:

“We have decided to launch this campaign in the hope that various people will be able to find the anime project through screening events, poster projects, etc., and that it will be an opportunity to further develop this project in the future.”

Funds raised will be used for the cost of renting a venue for the screening events, creating an acrylic stand for the return gift, creating a poster artwork, printing the poster artwork, expenses staff travel to the screening, return gift shipping, video editing for the screening, and Campfire fees.

Tabihani Studio Hb Anime Min 1

It should be mentioned that the original anime «Tabihani» started as a project that did not have a production committee or sponsorship, facing a lack of funds to produce the original anime.

However, over the months certain teaser videos have been revealed and in April of this year, the first clip of 1 minute and 30 seconds long for the series was published, although the transmission and projection plans they are not yet decided.

Tabihani – Animated Trailer

Tabihani – Teaser Video

Additionally, in the respective official accounts of the original anime of the animation studio «studio hb«, titled «Tabihani«, the first members of the voice cast and the main members of the staff who participated in the production of the series have been presented, which are the following:

Voice Cast Members:

  • miyu tomita What akari yashima
  • Kaori Maeda What Nagi Kitayama

Staff Members:

  • kazuya sakamoto is in charge of directing the anime
  • The animation studiostudio hb» is in charge of the production of the anime
  • hajime mitsuda is in charge of the anime character design
Tabihani Studio Hb

Currently, the fundraising campaign managed to meet the initial goal of raising 555,500 yen in total (approx. US$4,236.37) just 2 days after its launch, and the campaign is expected to raise more money over the next few days. the weeks, since this will culminate in 59 days.

If you want more information about the Crowdfunding campaign that the animation studio “studio hb” started to finance the advertising of its original anime “Tabihani” you can enter here.

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