Studio Pierrot has other plans among its future animes

One of the most famous animation studios of all commits to an iconic magazine contest

Studio Pierrot is a company historically known for hugely successful animes like “Naruto”, “Boruto”, “Bleach”” and many more, so logically it is one of the busiest animation studios in Japan that usually find themselves. Hence it is surprising that it has committed to something perhaps not as common in its catalog as shonen of action: the next big comedy manga Shounen Jump.

Studio Pierrot (Bleach, Boruto) will create the next big Shonen Jump comedy anime

Next I leave you with the surprising announcement that shared MangaMogura in the last hours:

  • Basically, Studio Pierrot has committed to create the anime of the next great comedy manga to emerge from Shonen Jump. 😮
  • Which is it? Well, no idea yet, that’s the curious thing. The chosen one will be the manga winner of the Akatsuka Manga Awardsomething that will be revealed during the month of December of this 2024. 😉
  • The Akatsuka Manga Awards are a award given by Shueisha since 1974, and in effect it is a ceremony aimed at finding the next great comedy proposal for the publisher. 😙
  • The Akatsuka Manga Award is an award they have previously obtained artists such as Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro (the creator of Toriko) or Yusuke Murata, the artist of the One Punch Man manga. That is to say, on more than one occasion this scenario is contemplated that combines the action for which Shonen Jump is so well known as well as comedy, one of the main ingredients valued by the Akatsuka Manga Award. 😆
  • At this point, we must remember that Studio Pierrot has 4 projects confirmed for 2024, among them the currently broadcast season 5 of Kingdom as well as the new part of the Bleach TYBW anime (not to mention that the Naruto remake episodes are still pending). That is to say, Black Clover and Boruto fans seem to have to wait until at least well into 2025 to receive some type of possible news about their shows. 😅

It must be said that it is not so strange that Studio Pierrot works on a humorous anime, since one of his best-known shows is “Great Teacher Onizuka”, and precisely the word ‘comedy’ is what can best define it.. In any case, the definitive conclusion to draw from all this is that it is better to take calmly the expectations of the return of some Pierrot shows frozen today, since the Japanese company seems to have its own well-established roadmap.

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