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Super Bowl advertising becomes a trend — Kudasai

As part of the advertising for the Super Bowl LVIIIwhich will occur this February 11, 2024, a special video was published in which professional players Patrick Mahomes and Brock Purdy represent the characters of Sukuna and Gamerespectively, from the popular “Jujutsu Kaisen“, in their renowned fight that occurred in the second season during the arc ofShibuya incident“. The video was shared by sports website Bleacher Report.

Jujutsu Kaisen

Super Bowl LVIII will be a match between the teams of Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers, which has not yet started at the time of writing this news. However, due to the characters represented by its players, fans reacted by boasting that the website’s favorite is clearly Kansas City, with its quarterback Patrick Mahomes impersonating Sukuna (being the winner of the fight in Jujutus Kaisen) to win the two-time championship. with your team. Of course, there were also fans disconcerted by the advertising, because more than a reference it seemed like a direct copy with only a few ‘small editions’..

Although the reception of the advertising was varied, the truth is that it managed to reach fans of the anime that has remained on the lips of fans since its publication. So it cannot be denied that they achieved their goal..

Synopsis of Jujutsu Kaisen 2nd Season

The year is 2006 and the hallways of the Tokyo Prefectural Jujutsu Institute echo with endless discussions and intense debates between two inseparable best friends. With unwavering confidence, Satoru Gojou and Suguru Getou believe that there is no challenge too great for young and powerful special grade sorcerers like them. They have been tasked with safely delivering a sensible girl named Riko Amanai to the entity whose existence is the very essence of the world of jujutsu. However, the mission plunges them into an exhausting whirlpool of moral conflicts that threatens to destroy the already tenuous friendship between sorcerers and ordinary humans.

Twelve years later, students and sorcerers are the first line of defense against the increasing number of high-level curses born from the negative emotions of humans. As entities grow in power, so do their self-awareness and ambition. The curses come together with the common goal of eradicating humans and creating a world of only cursed energy users, led by a dangerous ancient cursed spirit. To get rid of their biggest obstacle – the strongest sorcerer, Gojou – they orchestrate an attack on Shibuya Station on Halloween. Divided into teams, the sorcerers enter combat ready to risk everything to protect the innocent and their own kind.

Fountain: Official X account from Bleacher Report

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Super Bowl meets Jujutsu Kaisen and relives the cruel fight between Sukuna and Jogo

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