Surprise your “Future Self” with these animes

An anime time capsule can surprise you and give you some happy days in a few years

For a long time, YouTube has been recommending me videos about time capsules. An interesting way to send yourself a gift to the future and remember those details that you put in it years ago. Now, with technology and facilities we can even make a Digital Time Capsule so that you receive an email at the time you decide. In this case we will an anime capsule.

This tutorial is for you to make a Digital Time Capsule, but you can use the idea and tips to make it physical or hybrid. Is something that doesn’t take more than 20 minutes and will give you many surprises in the future.

How to make your Anime Time Capsule

anime digital time capsule
  1. Write your letter to the future: In this case we will use the web Futureme.
  2. After dedicating a few words to you, choose the animes to dedicate yourself to.
    • My recommendation is that do not choose less than five or more than ten.
    • The idea of ​​this capsule is that watch these animes again when the time comes and remember why they marked you while enjoying them once again.
  3. If you don’t have inspiration for what anime to put in, I leave you a list of ideas:
    • You favorite anime.
    • The anime Fashion at the time you write the letter.
    • An anime thatyou always wanted to see.
    • An anime that you started and you didn’t finish.
    • A anime movie that mean something special.
    • An anime movie that want to see someone.
    • A sleeve that is in publication and you want to read when it is finished.
  4. After that all that remains is to send the letter to the future. Writes your e-mail on the website and check the option send free (although you can pay if you want to support the project). Choose the arrival date of the Time Capsule. Can customize the date as much as you wantIn my case I recommend that at least put 3 years so that you completely forget that you created it and the games you added.
  5. Hit send and all you have to do is wait..

If you are interested, this would be my time capsule: EvangelionSousou not Frieren, Fate/Apocrypha, bleach, Your NameMy neighbor totoro and Detective Conan (sleeve).

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