Suzume Becomes Japan’s 25th Highest Grossing Film

Suzume Becomes Japan’s 25th Highest Grossing Film

Until now, suzume (Suzume no Tojimari) has raised 12.488 billion yen (around 89.65 million euros) and has sold 9,398,000 tickets. With this collection, the new work by director Makoto Shinkai is among the 25 highest-grossing films of all time in Japan. Tape it premiered in Japanese movie theaters November 11thwhile crunchyroll In collaboration with Sony Pictures Entertainment will distribute to beginning of next year 2023 the tape in Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, Africa and certain parts of Europe, including Spain.

Suzume no Tojimari visual

The film opened the box office at number 1 on its opening day, with 1.33 million tickets sold and a gross of 1.88 billion yen in its first three days. In the same time frame, suzume sold 38.7% more tickets and grossed 47.4% more than the acclaimed your name, which grossed 1,277,960,000 yen in its first three days. It also sold 14.8% more tickets and grossed 14.4% more than The time with youthe director’s previous film.

As of January 17, 2023, suzume has exceeded the collection of the wind rises. This places the film among the top ten highest-grossing anime films of all time in Japan, just below Guardians of the night: infinite train,jujutsu kaisen 0, One Piece Film: RED, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Howl’s Moving Castle, ponyo on the cliff and the two previous Makoto Shinkai films.

After your name Y The time with youMakoto Shinkai returns with this new film of Suzume no Tojimari. For the production, the director counts on his team again with masayoshi Tanakawho was in charge of the character design for The time with youto perform the same work; Tsuchiya Kenichianimation director at your name, who repeats his role in this project; Y Tanji Takumi (5 centimeters per second, The children who chase the stars, your name) is in charge of art direction.

Shinkai describes Suzume no Tojimari like a modern adventure storyan action movie and a road movie. The story follows suzume, a 17-year-old girl who lives in a quiet town in Kyūshū and who meets a young man who is looking for a door. Together, they find a door inside some mountain ruins, and suzume He opens it. Soon, more doors begin to open across Japan, bringing disaster from the other side. The film shows the release and growth of suzume, while closing the doors that are causing the disaster. Shinkai explained that the story is more about “closing doors” rather than opening them, referring in this sense to tying up loose ends or finishing something.

Suzume no Tojimari visual 2

On the other side of the door was time in all its immensity…

“Suzume no Tojimaru” is the story of how its protagonist, a 17-year-old girl named Suzume, reaches maturity, taking place in locations all over Japan where she must close doors that are causing disasters.

Suzume’s journey begins in a quiet town in Kyushu, in southwestern Japan, when she meets a young man who tells her: “I’m looking for a door.” What Suzume finds is a dilapidated gate standing in the middle of some ruins, almost as if something had protected it from any catastrophe. As if attracted by her power, Suzume approaches and turns the knob… The doors begin to open one after another throughout Japan, causing disasters in those areas that are close to her. Now Suzume must close these doors to prevent further catastrophes.

– The stars, then the sunset and the morning sky

Inside that world it was as if all time had merged with the sky…

Never-before-seen landscapes, meetings and farewells… Endless challenges await the young woman on her journey. Despite the obstacles that stand in her way, Suzume’s adventure sheds a ray of hope on our own journeys to overcome the anxiety and limitations that make up our daily lives. This story of closing doors that connect our past with the present and the future will leave a permanent mark on our hearts.

Suzume’s journey, drawn by these mysterious gates, is about to begin.

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