T · P BON, the new anime from Netflix and the creators of Doraemon, already has a release date

Time Patrol Bon announced that it would premiere its first two seasons this year, and we already have a date to watch this anime from the My Hero Academia studio

Netflix It is possibly the most popular platform for series and movies in the world. As would be expected from such a great service, we can find a multitude of anime in it. From great hits to long-awaited premieres like the adaptation of the Grimm brothers’ tales either “T P BON“.

Today, I come to talk to you precisely about this latest anime. Since it was presented last October, we have heard little about it… until now. And it is that Netflix has shared a very important fact: the release date of “T P BON”. I’ll tell you everything calmly right now.


T · P BON: release date and details of the new Netflix anime

This is all the information about it:

  • The “T P BON” season 1 will be released on May 2. 🗓
  • They have also announced that the season 2 will arrive July 17th of this same year. 🗓
  • This anime can be seen exclusively on Netflix. 👀
  • The protagonist of this story is Gooda young man who would be a normal high school student… if it weren’t for the fact that he also works in the Time Patrol. His job in the force consists of saving people’s lives from different catastrophes that have taken place all over the planet in the most diverse times. ✅
  • If the Time Patrol sounds familiar to you from Doraemon, it’s because This anime adapts a manga from the creators of the famous cosmic cat. ❗️
  • In fact, the series will serve to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the birth of Fujio Fujiko, the name by which this duo of mangakas (both already deceased) is known. 🖌
  • The person in charge of making this anime is BONESstudy behind “My Hero Academia” and other great animes. 🎨

And here comes the information about the release date of “T P BON”. Now, I would like to ask you… What do you think of this anime? Do you plan to see it? I invite you to give your opinion about it in the comments. I personally don’t plan to miss it.

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