the 10 winter 2024 anime that you should see

We are less than a month away from the start of the new anime quarter and I review the shows that need to be taken into account the most

The fall anime quarter is close to its end, and with it the last of the anime seasons that we have seen in action throughout the present 2023. That is why the time has come to talk about the anime that we will see premiere in winter 2024, the first quarter of next year that starts in less than a month. On this occasion there are continuations, premieres and everything to leave what can be a truly interesting and complete quarter.

(Some of the release dates and platforms may vary by 1 day depending on the region of residence of each one)

Solo Leveling

I start with what it is initially about which generates more expectations in the winter 2024 anime season. “Solo Leveling” is a tremendously successful work with already a fan base that numbers in the millions around the world, so the premiere of its anime is expected to be one of the most followed in years. Its fame is no coincidence, so those who decide to give the path of Jin-Woo until he became the most powerful hunter of all They will find a story in which the action and drama will vibrate to the nth degree.

  • When it premieres: January 7, 2024.
  • Where to see: Crunchyroll.

Classroom of the Elite – Season 3

It is not the only anime that happened, but after so many years of waiting for its first season, the second season of “Classroom of the Elite” did not hit in the same way. Even so, there are many of us who are still waiting to the mental tricks of Ayanokoji and company in order to meet their objectives. And no, it doesn’t look like the third season of “Classroom of the Elite” is going to be based in a center where the ‘devour or be devoured‘ is taken almost more literally than in “Beastars.”

  • When it premieres: January 3, 2024.
  • Where to see: Crunchyroll (in theory).

Mashle – Season 2

The “Mashle” anime debuted last year with a season that seemed to find a combination of ingredients that convinced more than one: ridiculous humor, good action and a context that at times can seem like a constant mockery of the Harry Potter universe. In this second season, Mash will continue working in his own way to earn the necessary recognition that will pave the way for him to become one of the greatest representatives of the world of magic, something that he must achieve for the well-being of his loved ones. he.

  • When it premieres: January 2024 (no date yet).
  • Where to see: Crunchyroll (in theory).

The Dangers in My Heart – Season 2

The typical slice-of-life teenage romance that everyone likes… or not. If this is a romantic story that manages to warm hearts, but at the same time presents more than one ‘dark’ twist that creates a most peculiar and unique balance. “The Dangers in My Heart” will return with a second season in which the curious relationship that began between Yamada and Ichikawa will continue to be explored, and which will certainly not leave anyone indifferent.

  • When it premieres: January 7, 2024.
  • Where to see: HIDIVE (in theory).

Dungeon Meshi

Like “Solo Leveling”, “Dungeon Meshi” is one of the winter 2024 debutants that can hit the hardest all year. Here we find a fantasy anime in which action against monsters of all kinds will be the order of the day… as will creating delicious cooking recipes that will ensure that not a single monster ends up being a waste . That is to say, if you want good action but at the same time that kind of slice-of-life that makes you get up running to the refrigeratoryou better keep an eye on “Dungeon Meshi”.

  • When it premieres: January 4, 2024.
  • Where to see: Netflix.

Blue Exorcist – Season 3

Personally I consider that “Blue Exorcist” is the biggest question BY FAR of anything coming out in winter 2024. Yes, we are talking about the return of a franchise that rocked it at the time, even when the anime adaptation began to make story changes that generated inconsistencies for which no solution was ever presented. There is fear and expectation in equal parts with the third season of the “Blue Exorcist” anime, and the only thing that is clear to me is that at least the premiere will be one followed closely.

  • When it premieres: January 7, 2024.
  • Where to see: A stranger.

A Sign of Affection

And if the romance of “The Dangers in My Heart” still doesn’t convince you, then “A Sign of Affection” may. Another Winter 2024 debutant who can really make his mark on the industry through the following story: A deaf girl meets a boy who makes all the discomfort and communication problems she suffers due to her condition not matter in the slightest.. In this sense, by ‘mold’ the story will surely remind more than one of “A Silent Voice”, although in terms of development and characters it will have little to do with it.

  • When it premieres: January 6, 2024.
  • Where to see: Crunchyroll (in theory).

Metallic Rouge

I have no doubt as to the success of the 3 debut animes I originally mentioned, and likewise “Metallic Rouge” may be another standout. As a peculiarity the thing is that this is a completely original anime from the “My Hero Academia” studio, which has already proven to have a good hand for this. What you should know above all about “Metallic Rouge” is that it brings together science fiction, androids and actionand counting on the animation of BONES At first it should be an anime that turned out really well.

  • When it premieres: January 11, 2024.
  • Where to see: Crunchyroll (in theory).

Kingdom – Season 5

Those who have ever read me will already know what I think of “Kingdom”, and that is that it could perfectly be an anime that fits into the mold of the ‘Big Three’ era without any difficulty. “Kingdom” is a epic story of great battles, stratagems, characters with incredible charisma and, generally, everything you could want in a story created to unfold over a long time. Season 5 brings us back to Xin and his people, and I am convinced that, as with the last 2 seasons, we will have here a true gem of the sector.

  • When it premieres: January 7, 2024.
  • Where to see: Crunchyroll (in theory).


MAPPA I had been warning for a long time: they don’t get the numbers simply with adaptations, no matter how much they are from gigantic projects like “Shingeki no Kyojin” or “Jujutsu Kaisen” among others. This is how it is born “Bucchigiri?!”, a completely original work that aims to reconvert the ideas of ‘The Thousand and One Nights’ into a story of teenage battles with supernatural powers. If we add to that the design and aesthetics, I personally see here the intention to create a kind of “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure XXX The God of High School”. The final result remains to be seen, but it clearly seems to me to be the most interesting thing about this coming winter.

  • When it premieres: January 13, 2024.
  • Where to see: Crunchyroll (in theory).

If anyone is interested, My ‘TOP’ on this list are clearly season 5 of “Kingdom”, “Solo Leveling” and “Dungeon Meshi”, followed closely by “A Sign of Affection” and “Bucchigiri?!”. I really have the feeling that there could be some really good first 3 months of the year and that, above all, they leave names that end up resonating throughout 2024. So you know, if you were undecided about what to see in winter 2024, don’t Feel free to sign up a few of the names on this list.

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