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Blue Lock -Episode Nagi-” is the first movie we will see of the most successful soccer anime in quite a few years. The adaptation of the selfish forwards hit it big with its first anime season, also taking advantage of the fact that it just coincided with the premiere of a World Cup in which The Japanese team played a more than worthy role with a lot of charisma. Now, it is finally confirmed the exact day that “Blue Lock -Episode Nagi-” will debut in Japanese cinemas.

Blue Lock -Episode Nagi- finally goes to April 2024

Before leaving you with all the details about the premiere of “Blue Lock -Episode Nagi-“, I share the one about the most recent trailer released for the anime feature film:

And now, having seen the trailer, I leave you all the information that may interest you about the return of the selfish forwards:

  • To start, It is confirmed that Blue Lock -Episode Nagi- will premiere in Japan on April 19, 2024. Is there an estimate for the international premiere? Well, not yet, but in a film of this type I would personally put a margin of about 3 months from today. 😎
  • What is the Blue Lock movie -Episode Nagi- about? In case it’s not clear, it’s basically a way to see the beginning of Blue Lock again but from Nagia’s perspective. That is, we will see him both in his stage prior to entering the center of Blue Lock and later within the entity itself, facing (among others) Isagi Yoichi and company. 🤗
  • Obviously it is advisable to have seen the first season of Blue Lock beforehand to have a little more context with everything related to the figure of Nagi in this anime film. After all, since it is only a feature film The range of vision of the events will be much smaller than what a first season of +20 episodes offered. 🤔

The truth is, I do everything that is more “Blue Lock” because I am delighted today. Personally, since “Oliver and Benji” I haven’t been so hooked on a football anime, although I have to say that “Ao Ashi as a contemporary is also a really good football anime. In any case, as a prelude to the return of the franchise through its second season, I think that “Blue Lock -Episode Nagi-” is an interesting bet to refresh what makes these footballers so interesting.

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